An internationally recognized research of a Pakistani Student :Effects of Global Warming on the Geology and Economy of Pakistan

An internationally recognized research of a Pakistani Student

Muhammmad Usman, student of BS Geophysics 8th semester at Bahria University, Islamabad. In the third semester of his BS degree,
he started working on a research project “Effects of Global Warming on the Geology and Economy of Pakistan”.In this project he predicted that earthquakes along northern and shelf areas of Pakistan could be increasing with the rising temperature. This proposal is registered in Pakistan Meteorological Department. Three months later, he got the temperature and earthquake data. The study of data has proved his prediction.

His first research paper was published in the 4th semester of BSon July 2010, in Science vision journal of Comsats, Islamabad. He continued his research and his 2nd and 3rd papers were published by IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) in the proceedings ofinternational conferences that were held in Hong Kong and Singapore. His 4th paper was presented/published in international conference in NUST University, Islamabad. His 5th,6th and 7th papers were published in “American Journal of Scientific Research” (Thomson ISI and Elsevier indexed). His 8th, paper is accepted in the American journal, his 9th paper is accepted in international conference in Dubai. His 10 paper is under review in Geophysical International Journal. Now he is working to calculate the performance of Tarbela Dam.

Another important thing is that he has worked with professors from Pakistan, Japan, officials from Pakistan Meteorological Department and Tarbela Dam Project; but he remained the Principal Investigator throughout the research. All of his published papers can be accessed if you enter his email id in Google search engine.

During the process of research he faced many difficulties but he did not give up. His research findings suggest that in the near future climate change can affect our country quite adversely. So, he expects that his voice compels the government to take some serious measures to combat the forthcoming problems.

He could be the firstperson in Pakistan who has so much internationally recognized research publications at undergraduate level.

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